Choosing The Best Professional Brow Products For Your Clients

Choosing The Best Professional Brow Products For Your Clients

Understanding the right product to use on your client’s brows is just as important as picking the right brow colour. Brow Code empowers our professional eyebrow artists, with a variety of application options and brow tones, to do their very best work for their clients.

But with so many options available, how are you ever going to find what works for your business?

Brow Code has you covered! We are here to teach you the difference between Brow Tint, Henna, and Hybrid Dye. Learn more about what service suits your client’s needs and requirements!

Your Perfect Product For Their Perfect Brows

As a professional brow artist, you know a great deal more about everything to do with eyebrows than your average client. So when your client asks for their brows to look like ‘x’, do you know the right product to use to achieve that desired look, and send yet another flawless pair of brows out into the world.

What Are The Professionals Using?

From our Henna Tint Kits to the innovation of our Stain Hybrid Dye, you will find many of Brow Code’s products are loved by Celebrity Eyebrow Specialists around the world. If you are an eyebrow artist and have not offered Brow Code to your clients? Here is what they could have!

Professional Brow Tint Kit

Why do your clients keep coming back? Is it your unbeatable quality and affordable services? With customers jumping at the chance to buy Brow Code’s Professional Brow Tint Kit. With everything, you need to achieve bold and defined brows in our luxe range of brow shades.

Leave your mark on the beauty industry with Brow Codes’ Professional Brow Tint Kits. Brow Tint is the professional service every brow stylist knows and loves. Tint pairs perfectly with brow lamination and gives the illusion of fuller brows, leaving a slight stain on the skin and a powerful stain on the brow hairs.

Professional Brow Tint Kit Longevity and Colour Options

The brow tints leave a slight stain on the skin for up to 7 days and the brow hairs for up to 3 to 4 weeks. You’ll be able to achieve bold, defined, and clean brows for your clients with this must-have tint range.

All shades of Brow Code Brow Tint can be mixed to create a variation of colours:

    • Brow Code Brow Tint Black – Tints any hair colour pure black.
    • Brow Code Brow Tint Natural Brown – Very dark and well concealing brown.
    • Brow Code Brow Graphite Tint – Covers stubborn grey/white hairs can be added to change the depth of colour.
    • Brow Code Brow Tint Light Brown – Ideal when applied on light blonde to light brown hair.

How To Use Your Professional Brow Tint

View the Instructions for the Professional Brow Tint Kit here.

Professional Henna Kits bound by Indus Valley

Brow Code has partnered with Indus Valley to design our iconic Professional Henna Kit. Formulated specifically for eyebrow specialists, just like you, to create bold, defined, and long-lasting brows for your clients. Henna is a more natural alternative to Brow tint and leaves the hairs feeling more soft, nourished and conditioned. Whether you are doing client eyebrows yourself, or you have sold them one of our Henna Kits to do at home, this may well be the perfect staining product that you have been searching for.

Professional Brow Henna Kit Longevity and Colour Options

Our Henna stains the skin for up to 10 days and the brow hairs for up to 4 weeks.

Brow Code Indus Valley Henna Powder is suitable for all skin types and complexions. The Brow Code range has 6 unique, pre modified shades which are perfect as stand alone colours or can be blended together to create the ultimate shade for your client.

Work with all types of brow hair and complexions using any of the 6 henna shades included in your professional kit:

      • Brow Code Indus Valley Ash Blonde
      • Brow Code Indus Valley Blonde
      • Brow Code Indus Valley Light Brown
      • Brow Code Indus Valley Medium Brown
      • Brow Code Indus Valley Dark Brown
      • Brow Code Indus Valley Black

How To Use Your Professional Henna Treatment Kit

View the Instructions for the Professional Brow Henna Kit here.

Stain Hybrid Dye

Brow Codes range of leading Stain Hybrid Dye shades has been formulated to give Professional Brow Stylists the bold beauty of henna treatments while being designed specifically to apply as easily as a eyebrow tint.

Stain Colour Options

Formulated with warm undertones to achieve superior results. Brow Code’s 4 shades all leave a powerful STAIN on the brow skin and eyebrow hairs. Stain Hybrid Dye lasts on the skin for up to ten days and the brow hairs for up to six weeks.

Brow Codes’ Stain Hybrid Dye is currently available in four colours:

      • Brow Code Harvest Brown STAIN - Light Brown
      • Brow Code Brooklyn Brown STAIN - Medium Brown
      • Brow Code Perfecto Brown STAIN - Dark Brown
      • Brow Code Dark Roast STAIN - Black

How To Use Your Professional STAIN Hybrid Dye Kit

View the Instructions for the Stain Hybrid Brow Dye here.

Brow Code Professional

Developed by celebrity eyebrow aesthetician, Melanie Marris, Brow Code offers professional brow technicians with professional-quality cosmetic products to shape, lift, and tint your clients' brows. Unique shades of the richest pigments and an extended stain time for both the skin and brows; So when it comes to shaping your business as flawlessly as you shape your client's eyebrows. Brow Codes’ range of Professional Salon Quality Products is exactly what your clients have been asking for. Check out the full range and see for yourself.

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  • Professional Brow Tint Kit with Wax

    For tinting and sculpting your client’s brows

    Professional Brow Tint Kit with Wax
  • Professional Brow Henna Kit

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    Professional Brow Henna Kit
  • Stain Hybrid Brow Dye

    For staining your client's brows with a hybrid dye

    Stain Hybrid Brow Dye
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