Brow Henna vs Brow Stain Dye: What's Best For Your Salon and How Do You Decide?

Brow Henna vs Brow Stain Dye: What's Best For Your Salon and How Do You Decide?

Brow tinting is easily the number one eyebrow styling service offered in salons across the world today with its popularity being unmatched for some time now. But, thanks to everyone's obsessions with achieving a long-lasting and and powerful brow stain, brow salons are now introducing unique tinting alternatives like Brow Henna and Brow Stain Dye to the world of professional eyebrow styling.

You might have heard of Brow Henna Dye before - a natural alternative to eyebrow tint that offers a long-lasting deep pigmentation on the skin and hairs while promoting your overall brow health.

But a product you might not be so familiar with is the Stain Hybrid Brow Dye, an innovative blend of Brow Tint and Brow Henna, offering the best of both worlds to clients looking for the perfectly balanced brow stain.

Brow Code's Eyebrow Henna and Eyebrow Stain Hybrid Dye range are both top-performing products in the professional salon space, but we have often found stylists getting the two mixed up. If you've ever found yourself asking "what is the difference between Henna and Stain" or "how do I know which one is suited for what client", you're in the right place.

We're here to answer all your Henna vs. Stain related questions so you can get to creating some bold, beautiful and boss brows for your clients in the salon.


When it comes to any form of semi-permanent makeup, the first question clients are going to ask you is 'how long is this going to last?'. Agreed? While most people will immediately go for the longer-lasting option, others might not quite be ready for the commitment.

Being the perfect hybrid of brow henna and brow tint, the stain dye achieves a balanced longevity, with the brow stain lasting up to 10 days on the skin and 6 weeks on the hairs.

Compared to hybrid dye, henna has a shorter-lasting effect on the hairs but a longer-lasting effect on the skin. Brow Hena lasts up to 14 days on the skin and 4 weeks on the brow hairs.

If your client is after a maximum lasting stain, Brow Code's Indus Valley Henna and Stain Hybrid Brow Dye are both suitable treatments, with the difference being the colour-wash on the skin vs the hairs.

Colour Intensity

For a professional eyebrow stylist, it goes without saying how important it is to know your brow styling products in and out, especially the final colour of brows your clients are going to walk out the door with. Whether you're tinting, staining or creating henna brows, getting the colour right is key.

Designed to create a vibrant, yet natural-looking colour on the eyebrows, Stain Hybrid Brow Dye will achieve a richly pigmented brow. Formulated with warm undertones, brow stain is ideal for clients looking for crisp and defined brow arches with a powerful colour intensity.

If you're looking to add fullness for those with sparse brows instead, Henna is better suited. By staining the skin behind the hairs prominently, brow henna creates a powdery, filled-in effect that enhances the overall volume of the brows. Henna's colour intensity is strong but softer in appearance.

Processing Time

These days everyone's on the go - your always-in-a-rush clients, your busy brow stylists and you yourself, the ever-occupied salon owner - so you better believe the procedure time for your professional treatments means a whole lot to everyone.

One of the biggest differences between Brow Stain and Brow Henna treatments is the processing time of the dye. Brow Code's Stain Hybrid Brow Dye provides the benefit of an easy application, similar to a Brow Tint, without compromising on the intensity of the colour. You can expect a typical brow staining service to be quick and easy, concluding within 15 minutes. Stain can also be taken off earlier, depending on how dark or light the desired effect is.

In contrast to stain, henna brows involve a much longer process. You can expect a typical brow henna service to range anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, making it a longer-than-average eyebrow styling offering in the salon. The long processing time is essential to allow for full colour development of henna pigment on the skin. You will also have to allow ample time for cleansing and scrubbing the eyebrows pre-henna treatment.

What you offer to your clients is going to come down to how much time (and money) they're willing to spend for their service. Those on a tight schedule need to look no further than brow stain, whereas those in favour of a longer, luxurious and more treat-like experience, brow henna may be the answer. Processing time of treatments will also help you determine how much you charge for your professional brow services, which will indeed be higher for longer services... (profits, hello?)

Shade Range

As a professional aesthetician in the beauty trade, being all-inclusive in your services is likely your top priority, which is why it's important to choose products that cater to as diverse an audience as possible.

Brow Code's Eyebrow Henna range comes in SIX diverse shades from Ash Blonde to Black, packaged in single-use powder capsules. Henna's colour range will be best suited for your clients with blonde, brown or black hair.

Brow Code's Stain Hybrid Brow Dye range is even more versatile, with NINE unique shades to choose from. No matter what hair colour or skin tone your clients have, chances are there's a stain shade you'll be able to match. The cream based structure of the dye also allows for different pigments to be mixed in together, so you've got the flexibility to create your own colour blends. Stain's colour range caters to all hair types, along with a niche target focus on ginger, auburn, and copper hair.

Less Waiting, More Staining

There we go. All the main differences between Brow Henna and Brow Stain Dye you need to know before recommending and choosing an eyebrow dye for your customers.

Just like deciding on the best eyebrow shape for your face isn't easy, deciding on the right products for your clients brows isn't easy either. What it ultimately comes down to is being knowledgeable about the styling options you offer, identifying your clients needs and knowing each product's unique selling points.

In summary, Brow Henna is ideal for those with really sparse brows looking for a long-lasting stain on both the brow hairs and skin and willing to spend a lot more time in the salon for the procedure.

For those who favour a bold, defined brow look, possess niche hair colours (like ginger and red tones), and are looking for a fuss-free, quick and all-rounded styling treatment, Stain Hybrid Brow Dye is the way to go.

Brow Code's Brow Henna range is also available to retail to your clients post sevice as an At-Home Styling Kit, so they can keep their brows on fleek between appointments. Stain Hybrid Dye, however, is not available as a consumer retail product, making it a highly exclusive, salon-only experience.

With all being said, both Henna and Stain are top tier professional products that will achieve quality results in eyebrow styling, so rest easy. We couldn't really choose from the two if you asked us to! Eventually, you are best off offering both in your salon to maximise opportunities and ensure each client's unique brow needs are met. So.. what are you waiting for? It's time to get straight into it ladies. Less waiting, more staining.

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